The industrial applications which are using studies on dislocations dynamics are mainly three fields: nuclear activities, aeronautics, and nano-technologies.

In France, EDF and CEA would like to have good models for irradiated materials (program PERFECT); ONERA, TURBOMECA and SNECMA are studying new materials; IBM and ALTIS Semiconductor would like to predict certain properties of semiconductors or MicroElectroMechanics Systems ( MEMS); and Sumitono Electric Industries wants for instance to limit the number of dislocations in future optical disks (like DVDs) based on GaN.

The main applications are principally developed in the United States (like PARANOID code at IBM,PARADIS code at Lawrence Livermore NL (National Laboratory)), with projects supported by US Air Force, US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, Los Alamos NL, Argone NL.

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