The "PDE and Materials" team is interested in the modelling of the physics of materials, and in the theoretical and numerical analysis of these models and their simulations.

At the present time, our group concentrates its efforts on the study of the dynamics of line defects in crystals, called dislocations. The typical length of these defects is the micron. These dislocations are responsible of the macroscopic plastic behaviour of metals, and the understanding of plasticty at a microscopic level is one of our main motivations in this direction of research.

Our main activity is a part of a contract ACI "Jeunes chercheuses et jeunes chercheurs" of the French Ministry of Research (2003-2006), called "Modelling and mathematical analysis of dislocations dynamics". We work in particular in collaboration with the laboratory of the study of microstrucure LEM at the ONERA. This part of our activity mainly focuses on the complicated dynamics of interacting dislocations lines.

We have recently extended our research to the study of dislocations density models in connection with elasto-visco-plasticity of metals. Part of our objectives is to establish the connection between the dynamics of a finite number of dislocations lines and the dynamics of dislocations densities, based on non-linear homogeneization tools.

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