> read(`maple2scilab.maple`):
> f:=b+a*sin(x);

                               f := b + a sin(x)

> maple2scilab('f_m',f,[x,a,b]);
Here the Maple variable f is a scalar expression but it could be also a Maple vector or matrix. 'f_m' will be the name of f in Scilab (note that the Scilab name is restricted to contain at most 6 characters). The procedure maple2scilab creates two files: f_m.f and f_m.sci in the directory where Maple is started. To specify another directory just define in Maple the path : rpath:=`/work/` ; then all files are written in the sub-directory work. The file f_m.f contains the source code of a stand alone Fortran routine which is dynamically linked to Scilab by the function f_m in defined in the file f_m.sci.