4.1.1 The Environment

Scilab is loaded with a number of variables and primitives. The command who lists the variables which are available. whos() lists the variables which are available in a more detailled fashion.

The who command also indicates how many elements and variables are available for use. The user can obtain on-line help on any of the functions listed by typing help <function-name>.

Variables can be saved in an external binary file using save. Similarly, variables previously saved can be reloaded into Scilab using load.

Note that after the command clear x y the variables x and y no longer exist in the environment. The command save without any variable arguments saves the entire Scilab environment. Similarly, the command clear used without any arguments clears all of the variables, functions, and libraries in the environment.

Libraries of functions are loaded using lib.

The list of functions available in the library can be obtained by using disp.