1.3 Installing Scilab. System Requirements

Scilab is distributed in source code format; binaries for Windows95/NT systems and several popular Unix/Linux-XWindow systems are also available: Dec Alpha (OSF V4), Dec Mips (ULTRIX 4.2), Sun Sparc stations (Sun OS), Sun Sparc stations (Sun Solaris), HP9000 (HP-UX V10), SGI Mips Irix, PC Linux. All of these binaries versions include tk/tcl interface.

The installation requirements are the following :

- for the source version: Scilab requires approximately 130Mb of disk storage to unpack and install (all sources included). You need X Window (X11R4, X11R5 or X11R6, C compiler and Fortran compiler (e.g. f2c or g77 or Visual C++ for Windows systems).

- for the binary version: the minimum for running Scilab (without sources) is about 40 Mb when decompressed. These versions are partially statically linked and in principle do not require a fortran compiler.

Scilab uses a large internal stack for its calculations. This size of this stack can be reduced or enlarged by the stacksize. command. The default dimension of the internal stack can be adapted by modifying the variable newstacksize in the scilab.star script.

- For more information on the installation, please look at the README files