5.6.4 Postscript by Using Xfig

Another useful way to get a Postscript file for a plot is to use Xfig. By the simple command xs2fig(active-window-number,file-name) you get a file in Xfig syntax.

This command needs the use of the driver Rec.

The window ScilabGraphic0 being active, if you enter :


you get the file demo.fig which contains the plot of window 0.

Then you can use Xfig and after the modifications you want, get a Postscript file that you can insert in a LATEX  file. The following figure is the result of Xfig after adding some comments.

Figure 5.14: Encapsulated Postscript by Using Xfig
\begin{figure}\fbox{\hspace*{0.cm} \begin{picture}(400.0,350.0)(100.0,200.0)