Groupe de Travail Méthodes Stochastiques et Finance, 2015-2016

Informations pratiques:
Le jeudi à 14h00, salle 3B075, Bâtiment Copernic, Université de Marne-la-vallée.
Le jeudi à 14h30 INRIA, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 PARIS. Ces dates sont indiquées en bleu.

Contacts: Aurélien Alfonsi, Dan Goreac, Ahmed Kebaier.

09/06/16 Peter Tankov Asymptotic Optimal Tracking: Lower Bounds and Feedback Strategies
02/06/16 Zhenjie Ren Viscosity solution of path-dependent PDE
26/05/16 Thibaut Mastrolia Moral hazard under ambiguity
12/05/16 Paul Gassiat Equations de Hamilton-Jacobi stochastiques : continuité par rapport au bruit et effets régularisants
07/04/16 Ahmed Kebaier Coupling importance sampling and Multilevel Euler Monte Carlo using sample average approximation
31/03/16 Ismail Laachir BSDEs, càdlàg martingale problems and mean-variance hedging under basis risk
24/03/16 Julien Claisse Skorokhod embedding and robust hedging with local time
07/03/16 Bruno Bouchard First time to exit of a continuous Ito process: general moment estimates and L1-convergence rate for discrete time approximations, Salle A215
07/03/16 16h15 Lorick Huang The parametrix technique for stable driven SDEs
18/02/16 Lucio Fiorin Pricing and calibration via quantization in local and stochastic volatility models
08/02/16 Yiyi Zou "Hedging of covered options with price impact and gamma constraint", Salle A215.
04/02/16 Wissal Sabbagh System of Reflected Stochastic PDEs in a domain
28/01/16 Arnaud Lionnet Equilibrium pricing under relative performance concerns, and the benefits of innovations for social agents
21/01/16 Oana Serea Control Problems Via Occupation Measures
14/01/16 Gang Liu Rare Event Simulation related to Financial Risk
17/12/15 Romuald Elie Design of optimal incentives for a system of competitive agents in interaction
03/12/15 Luciano Campi On the support of extremal martingale measures with given marginals
26/11/15 Shigeyoshi Ogawa Formules directes d'inversion de la Transformation de Fourier Stochastique
19/11/15 Zenghu Li Asymptotics of estimators in a stable Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model
09/11/15 Stéphane Menozzi "Sensibilité des densités pour les diffusions et chaînes de Markov", Salle Verte.
15/10/15 Clément Rey Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Wishart processes.

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