Guillaume Costeseque

Team: PDE and materials
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PhD project: Traffic modeling: from microscopic to macroscopic
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Supervisor: Régis Monneau in collaboration with Jean-Patrick Lebacque

Research laboratories: Research interests: Traffic modeling involves different observation scales. It is then possible to characterize each model depending on their precision of approach. Typically, one can distinguish microscopic and macroscopic models. The first ones apply to represent the individual evolution of vehicles while the second ones want to reproduce the flowing stream of road users. Henceforth, traffic simulation highlights a real need in terms of rigorous passage between both representation scales. Few works offer such a link from the microscopic models to the macroscopic ones. Our goal is to highlight this need, searching for coherence between microscopic and macroscopic scales. The PhD work may use some homogenization results and the viscosity solutions theory for Partial Differential Equations (PDE).

Activities: Member of the ANR HJnet project (Hamilton-Jacobi equations on heterogeneous structures and networks) - Coordinator: Olivier Ley.

See also this short presentation on the French blog of "Mathematics of Planet Earth".

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Education: Please find my French (short) CV or here in English (pdf)

Last update: May 2014

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