Laurent DAUDET

PhD student / CERMICS, ENPC

photo eurotunnel

Research topic

The main objective of the thesis is to give alternative methods in order to anticipate the future increase of the freight and passenger traffic in the Tunnel. The work can be split is several parts:

  • Design new schedules using advanced techniques of Operational Research to increase the number of shuttles in the Tunnel, and to decrease the congestion on the Terminal.
  • Design demand-driven schedules with determinist demands known a priori, for Heavy Goods Vehicules and Passengers, taking rolling stocks into account.
  • Propose new alternative exploitation modes such as a 'drawer-like traffic', the use of new security norm (ERTMS), an extension of the loading platforms, ...
  • Take delays into account in the design of the schedule, in order to have more robust timetables. The previous methods will be adapted with the specific tools of the Stochastic Optimization.
  • Propose an online scheduling method for the trains and shuttles when an incident or an important delay occur. This is a major propose for Eurotunnel since delays occur often and it is very difficult to deal with it by hand. The rescheduling should deal with reorganizing the departures, but should also with the reassignement of the loading and unloading platforms, and the modification of the shuttle fleet.


From May to June 2016, I visited Michel Bierlaire, professor at EPFL in Lausanne, to work on joint problems of train scheduling and pricing.


  • RALO, Paris (France), August 2014.
  • PGMO-COPI, Paris (France), October 2014.
  • ROADEF, Marseille (France), February 2015.
  • ISMP, Pittsburgh (USA), July 2015.
  • ROADEF, Compiegne (France), February 2016, Finalist of the "Jeune Chercheur" prize.
  • ROADEF, Metz (France), February 2017.