Preprints (chronological order)

Michel DE LARA

Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara. Fenchel-Moreau Conjugation Inequalities with Three Couplings and Application to Stochastic Bellman Equation, HAL, 04/2018, 27 pages

Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara, Tristan Rigaut. Time Blocks Decomposition of Multistage Stochastic Optimization Problems, HAL, 04/2018, 29 pages

Michel De Lara, A Mathematical Framework for Resilience: Dynamics, Uncertainties, Strategies and Recovery Regimes, HAL, 02/2018, 21 pages

François Pacaud, Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara. Stochastic optimal control of a domestic microgrid equipped with solar panel and battery, HAL, 01/2018.

Tristan Rigaut, Pierre Carpentier, Jean Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara, Julien Waeytens Energy and Air Quality Management in a Subway Station using Stochastic Dynamic Optimization, arXiv:1801.03017v2 [math.OC], 01/2018

Michel De Lara, Olivier Gossner An instrumental approach to the value of information, 12/2017.

Henri Gérard, Michel De Lara, Jean-Philippe Chancelier. Equivalence Between Time Consistency and Nested Formula, HAL, 11/2017

Michel De Lara, A Mathematical Framework for Resilience: Dynamics, Strategies, Shocks and Acceptable Paths, HAL, 09/2017, 15 pages

Michel De Lara, Rationally Biased Learning, HAL, 09/2017, 25 pages

Lilian Sofia Salcedo Sepulveda, Michel De Lara, Robust Viability Analysis of a Controlled Epidemiological Model, HAL, 08/2017, 24 pages

Michel De Lara, Nelson Morales, Nathanaël Beeker, Adaptive Strategies for The Open-Pit Mine Optimal Scheduling Problem, HAL, 06/2017, 22 pages

Jérôme Boutang, Michel De Lara, Risk Marketing, HAL, 09/2016, 32 pages

Michel De Lara, Vincent Leclère, Time-Consistency: from Optimization to Risk Measures, HAL, 04/2014, 68 pages

Esther Regnier, Michel De Lara, Robust viable management of a harvested ecosystem model, HAL, 01/2013, 16 pages

Esther Regnier, Michel De Lara, Robust Management of a Harvested Ecosystem Model, Conference Papers and Presentations (IIFET 2012)

Michel De Lara, Eladio Ocana Anaya, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Jorge Tam, Ecosystem Viable Yields, HAL, arXiv 01/04/2011, 18 pages

Vincent Martinet, Pedro Gajardo, Michel De Lara and Héctor Ramírez Cabrera Bargaining with intertemporal maximin payoffs, No 2011-7, EconomiX Working Papers from University of Paris West - Nanterre la Défense, EconomiX, 2011

Michel De Lara et Dominique Bureau, La gestion des ressources marines : regards croisés, de la Californie à la Terre de Feu, Références économiques pour le développement durable, Conseil économique pour le développement durable (CEDD), 2010

Michel De Lara, Marie-Estelle Marjollet, Viable control of an epidemiological SIR model, HAL, 2010-09-17, 14 pages

Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Guy Cohen, Michel De Lara, Pierre Girardeau, Dynamic consistency for Stochastic Optimal Control problems, HAL, arXiv, 17/05/2010, 13 pages

De Lara, M.; Martinet, V.; Doyen, L., Risque et durabilité : La viabilité est-elle si loin de l'optimalité ?, Cahiers de recherche 2010/02, Thiverval-Grignon : INRA SAE2, 2010. 21 p., RePEc et IDEAS

Luc Doyen, Michel De Lara, Stochastic viability and dynamic programming, HAL, arXiv, 01/02/2010, 14 pages

Michel De Lara, Environmental Noise Variability in Population Dynamics Matrix Models, HAL, arXiv, 18/08/2009, 9 pages

Michel De Lara, Preferences Yielding the ``Precautionary Effect'', HAL, arXiv, 23/07/2009, 13 pages

Laetitia Andrieu, Michel De Lara, Babacar Seck, Conditional Value-at-Risk Constraint and Loss Aversion Utility Functions, HAL-ENPC, arXiv, 26/12/2008, 21 pages

Eladio Ocana Anaya, Michel De Lara, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Jorge Tam, Viability Kernel for Ecosystem Management Models, HAL, arXiv, 02/06/2009, 19 pages

Michel De Lara, Pedro Gajardo, Hector Ramirez Cabrera, Viable harvest of monotone bioeconomic models, HAL, arXiv, 25/06/2009, 16 pages