Financial support
Financial support
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List of participants
Practical informations
A limited number of grants are available for participants. The grants will cover traveling costs  and/or accommodation. To apply please send a curriculum vitae including necessarly:
  • age,
  • position,
  • list of publications,

at the adress  before October 29.

If you get the grant, please send the following informations and documents
  • date of birth,
  • personal address,
  • professional address,
  • IBAN,
  • postal address of your bank,
  • all the original of your receipts and of your travel tickets,
  • a certificate from your institution which indicates the amount of   your reimbursement  (for french participants, this is the "ordre de mission")
at the following address before November 19 :
Sylvie Berte
6 et 8 avenue Blaise Pascal
Cité Descartes - Champs sur Marne
77455 Marne la Vallée Cedex 2 (FRANCE).