Mathematical methods for the Magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals

J-F. Gerbeau, C. Le Bris and T. Lelièvre

324 pp., Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation, Oxford University Press, 2006.

Mathematical methods for the magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals

This comprehensive text focuses on mathematical and numerical techniques for the simulation of magnetohydrodynamic phenomena, with an emphasis laid on the magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals, on two-fluid flows and on a prototypical industrial application. Aimed at research mathematicians, engineers, and physicists, as well as those working in industry, and starting from a good understanding of the physics at play, the approach is a highly mathematical one, based on the rigorous analysis of the equations at hand, and a solid numerical analysis to found the simulations. At each stage of the exposition, examples of numerical simulations are provided, first on academic test cases to illustrate the approach, next on benchmarks well documented in the professional literature, and finally, whenever possible, on real industrial cases.

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