Publications (chronological order)

Michel DE LARA

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Books (from 2004)

J. Boutang and M. De Lara. Les Biais de l'esprit. Comment l'évolution a forgé notre psychologie.. Odile Jacob. 2019

J. Boutang and M. De Lara. The Biased Mind. How Evolution Shaped our Psychology, Including Anecdotes and Tips for Making Sound Decisions. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2015

P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, G. Cohen, M. De Lara. Stochastic Multi-Stage Optimization. At the Crossroads between Discrete Time Stochastic Control and Stochastic Programming. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2015

M. De Lara, P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, V. Leclère. Optimization Methods for the Smart Grid, report commissioned by Conseil Français de l'Energie, october 2014 (Résumé en Français)

Brigitte d'Andréa-Novel and Michel De Lara. Control Theory for Engineers. A primer. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2013

Michel De Lara and Luc Doyen. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Mathematical Models and Methods. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 2008 (Scilab programs available)

Papers published in scientific journals (from 2004)


[] Martin Quaas, Stefan Baumgaertner, Michel De Lara. Insurance Value of Natural Capital In Ecological Economics, accepted for publication.

[] Henri Gérard, Michel De Lara, Jean-Philippe Chancelier. Equivalence Between Time Consistency and Nested Formula In Annals of Operations Research, accepted for publication.

[] Lilian Sofia Sepulveda Salcedo, Michel De Lara. Robust Viability Analysis of a Controlled Epidemiological Model In Theoretical Population Biology, Volume 126, pp 51-58, April 2019

[] Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara. Fenchel-Moreau Conjugation Inequalities with Three Couplings and Application to the Stochastic Bellman Equation. In Journal of Convex Analysis, accepted for publication.

[] Tristan Rigaut, Pierre Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Chancelier, Michel De Lara, Julien Waeytens. Stochastic Optimization of Braking Energy Storage and Ventilation in a Subway Station. In IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 1256-1263, March 2019


[] Michel De Lara. A Mathematical Framework for Resilience: Dynamics, Uncertainties, Strategies and Recovery Regimes. In Environmental Modeling & Assessment, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 703-712, December 2018


[] Dee, Laura; De Lara, Michel; Costello, Chris; Gaines, Steve. To what extent can ecosystem services motivate protecting biodiversity?. In Ecology Letters, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp 935-946, 2017     [2018 Award by Ecological Society of America for Innovation in Sustainability Science ]

[] Jean-Christophe Alais, Pierre Carpentier, Michel De Lara. Multi-usage hydropower single dam management: chance-constrained optimization and stochastic viability. In Energy Systems, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 7-30, February 2017         HAL


[] Michel De Lara, Lilian Sofia Sepulveda Salcedo. Viable Control of an Epidemiological Model. In Mathematical Biosciences, Volume 280, pp 24-37, 2016         HAL

[] Vincent Martinet, Julio Peña-Torres, Michel De Lara, Hector Ramirez Cabrera. Risk and Sustainability: Assessing Fishery Management Strategies. In Environmental and Resource Economics, Volume 64, Issue 4, pp 683-707, August 2016

[] Michel De Lara, Vincent Leclère. Building Up Time-Consistency for Risk Measures and Dynamic Optimization. In European Journal of Operations Research, Volume 249, Issue 1, pp 177-187, 2016         HAL


[] Esther Regnier, Michel De Lara. Robust Viable Analysis of a Harvested Ecosystem Model. In Environmental Modeling & Assessment, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 687-698, 2015         HAL

[] Michel De Lara, Vincent Martinet, Luc Doyen. Satisficing Versus Optimality: Criteria for Sustainability. In Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Volume 77, Issue 2, pp 281-297, February 2015         HAL


[] Michel De Lara, André de Palma, Moez Kilani and Serge Piperno. Congestion pricing and long term urban form: Application to Paris region. In Regional Science and Urban Economics, Volume 43, Number 2, pp 282-295, 2013


[] P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, G. Cohen, M. De Lara and P. Girardeau. Dynamic Consistency for Stochastic Optimal Control Problems. In Annals of Operations Research Volume 200, Issue 1, pp 247-263, 2012

[] Michel De Lara, Eladio Ocana Anaya, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Jorge Tam. Ecosystem Viable Yields. In Environmental Modeling & Assessment, Volume 17, Issue 6, pp 565-575, 2012

[] Babacar Seck, Laetitia Andrieu, Michel De Lara. Parametric multi-attribute utility functions for optimal profit under risk constraints. In Theory and Decision, Volume 72, Number 2, pp 257-271, February 2012


[] André de Palma, Moez Kilani, Michel De Lara, and Serge Piperno. Cordon pricing in the monocentric city model: theory and application to Paris region. In Louvain Economic Review, Volume 77 (2-3), pp 105-124, 2011

[] M. De Lara, P. Gajardo, H. Ramirez. Viable states for monotone harvest models. In Systems and Control Letters, Volume 60, pp 192-197, 2011


[] L. Doyen, M. De Lara. Stochastic viability and dynamic programming. In Systems and Control Letters, Volume 59, Number 10, pp 629-634, 2010         


[] Laetitia Andrieu, Michel De Lara, Babacar Seck. Taking Risk into Account in Electricity Portfolio Management. In Steffen Rebennack, Panos M. Pardalos, Mario V.F. Pereira, Niko A. Iliadis, editors, Handbook of Power Systems 1, Series: Energy Systems. Springer Verlag, 2009.

[] M. De Lara and L. Gilotte. Precautionary effect and variations of the value of information. In Jerzy Filar and Alain Haurie, editors, Uncertainty and Environmental Decision Making, International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Springer Verlag, Volume 138, pp 239-253, 2009

[] M. De Lara and V. Martinet. Multi-criteria dynamic decision under uncertainty: A stochastic viability analysis and an application to sustainable fishery management. In Mathematical Biosciences, Volume 217, Issue 2, pp 118-124, February 2009

[] P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, M. De Lara. Approximations of stochastic optimization problems subject to measurability constraints. In SIAM Journal on Optimization, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 1719-1734, 2009

[] J.-P. Chancelier, M. De Lara, and A. de Palma. Risk aversion in expected intertemporal discounted utilities bandit problems. In Theory and Decision, Volume 67, Issue 4, pp 433-440, 2009         


[] Luc Doyen, Michel De Lara, Jocelyne Ferraris, and Dominique Pelletier. Sustainability of exploited marine ecosystems through protected areas: a viability model and a coral reef case study. In Ecological Modelling, Volume 208(2-4), pp 353-366, November 2007         

[] M. De Lara, L. Gilotte. A tight sufficient condition for Radner-Stiglitz nonconcavity in the value of information. In Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 137(1), pp 696-708, 2007

[] Michel De Lara, Luc Doyen, Thérèse Guilbaud, and Marie-Joëlle Rochet. Is a management framework based on spawning-stock biomass indicators sustainable? A viability approach. In ICES Journal of Marine Science, Volume 64(4), pp 761-767, 2007         

[] M. De Lara, L. Doyen, T. Guilbaud, M.-J. Rochet. Monotonicity properties for the viable control of discrete time systems. In Systems and Control Letters, Volume 56, Number 4, pp 296-302, 2007         


[] J.-P. Chancelier, M. De Lara, A. de Palma. Risk aversion, road choice and the one-armed bandit problem. In Transportation Science, 2006 Volume 41, Number 1, Pages 1-14, February 2007.

[] M. De Lara. Mum, why do you keep on growing? Impacts of environmental variability on optimal growth and reproduction allocation strategies. In Journal of Mathematical Biology, Volume 52, Number 5, Pages 633-666, May 2006.         

[] M. De Lara. On drift, diffusion and geometry. In Journal of Geometry and Physics, Volume 56, Issue 8, Pages 1215-1234, August 2006.         

[] K. Barty, P. Carpentier, J.-P. Chancelier, G. Cohen, M. De Lara and T. Guilbaud. Dual effect free stochastic controls. In Annals of Operations Research, Volume 142, Number 1, Pages 41 - 62, February 2006.         


[] G. Constantin de Magny, C. Paroissin, B. Cazelles, M. De Lara, J.-F. Delmas, J.-F. Guégan. Modeling environmental impacts of plankton reservoirs on cholera population dynamics. In ESAIM: Proceedings, Volume 14, September 2005.         


[] J.-O. Irisson, A. LeVan, M. De Lara, S. Planes. Strategies and Trajectories of Coral Reef Fish Larvae Optimizing Self-recruitment. In Journal of Theoretical Biology, Volume 227, Issue 2, Pages 205-218, 21 March 2004.         

Other publications

Jérôme Boutang et Michel De Lara. Risk marketing, in Journal of Centrum Cathedra, Vol. 9 Iss: 1, pp.27-51, 2016.

Michel De Lara Les défis de la gestion optimisée des smart-grids, in L'énergie à découvert, CNRS éditions, Paris, 2013.

Jérôme Boutang et Michel De Lara. Comment intégrer les controverses ?, Paroles d'économistes, Conseil économique pour le développement durable, juin 2012. (version pdf)

Jérôme Boutang et Michel De Lara. Les dimensions nouvelles des controverses entre énergie et environnement, Le, Idées, 26/01/2012. (version pdf)

Michel De Lara. Optimización en Gestión Minera. in Horizonte Minero, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 72, p. 42, Diciembre 2010.

Michel De Lara et Dominique Bureau, La gestion des ressources marines : regards croisés, de la Californie à la Terre de Feu, Références économiques pour le développement durable, Conseil économique pour le développement durable (CEDD), 2010

Jérôme Boutang et Michel De Lara. Marketer la taxe carbone. Stratégies, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 1579, 4/3/2010.

M. Cohen de Lara. Structure de quelques prélèvements obligatoires : incidences dans le secteur des transports. Transports urbains, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 101, octobre-décembre 1998.

M. Cohen de Lara. La taxe : questions-réponses. La Jaune et la Rouge, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 534, avril 1998.

M. Cohen de Lara. Réforme fiscale ``verte'' : rendez-vous dans trente ans. La Jaune et la Rouge, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 534, avril 1998.

M. Cohen de Lara. Transport : prolonger les tendances ou revoir les règles du jeu ? La Jaune et la Rouge, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 523, mars 1997.

M. Cohen de Lara. Les défenseurs de l'environnement et leurs censeurs : à irrationnel, irrationnel et demi... La Jaune et la Rouge, n $ ^\textrm{\tiny o}$ 516, juin-juillet 1996.

Papers published in scientific journals (before 2004)

M. Cohen de Lara. Reduction of the Zakai equation by invariance group techniques. In Stochastic Process. Appl., 73:119-130, 1998.         

M. Cohen de Lara. Characterization of a subclass of finite dimensional estimation algebras with maximal rank. Application to filtering. In Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems, 10:237-246, 1997.

M. Cohen de Lara. Finite dimensional filters. Part I: the Wei-Norman technique. In SIAM J. Control Optim., 35(3):980-1001, May 1997.         

M. Cohen de Lara. Finite dimensional filters. Part II: invariance group techniques. In SIAM J. Control Optim., 35(3):1002-1029, May 1997.         

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara, C. Joannis, and F. Pacard. New insights in dynamic modeling of a secondary settler- I. Flux theory and steady-states analysis. In Water Research, 31(8):1847-1856, 1997.         

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara, C. Joannis, and F. Pacard. New insights in dynamic modeling of a secondary settler- II. Dynamical analysis. In Water Research, 31(8):1857-1866, 1997.         

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara, and F. Pacard. A stochastic approach to model bottom boundary conditions in a settling tank. In Stochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics, 11:449-457, 1997.

M. Cohen de Lara. Geometric and symmetry properties of a non degenerate diffusion process. In The Annals of Probability, Vol. 23, No. 4, p. 1557-1604, October 1995.

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara and F. Pacard. Équation de Fokker-Planck pour la densité d'un processus aléatoire dans un ouvert régulier. In C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, t. 321, Série I, p. 1251-1256, 1995.

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara and F. Pacard. Existence of a solution in an age dependent transort-diffusion PDE: a model of settler. In Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, Vol. 5, No. 3, p. 267-278, 1995.         

J.-Ph. Chancelier, M. Cohen de Lara and F. Pacard. Analysis of a conservation pde with discontinuous flux: a model of settler. In SIAM J. Appl. Math., Vol. 54, No. 4, p. 954-995, 1994.

M. Cohen de Lara. A note on the symmetry group and perturbation algebra of a parabolic partial differential operator. In J. Math. Phys., Vol. 32, No. 6, p. 1444-1449, 1991.         

M. Cohen de Lara. Application of symmetry semi-groups to discrete and continuous time filtering problems. In B. Bonnard, B. Bride, J.P. Gauthier, and I. Kupka, editors, Analysis of controlled dynamical systems, p. 146-155. Birkhäuser, Boston, 1991.

M. Cohen de Lara and J. Lévine. Deterministic feedback linearization, Girsanov transformations and finite-dimensional filters. In Systems Control Lett., 13:81-92, 1989.         

B. d'Andréa-Novel and M. Cohen de Lara. Cours d'automatique. Commande linéaire des systèmes dynamiques. Les Presses de l'École des mines, Paris, 2000.

B. d'Andréa-Novel and M. Cohen de Lara. Commande linéaire des systèmes dynamiques. Masson, Paris, 1994.