Louis Garrigue


Louis Garrigue

    I am a postdoctoral researcher in mathematical quantum physics at Cermics, the laboratory of mathematics of the École des ponts, in the team of Éric Cancès. You can find my CV here, and you can email me on louis.garrigue(at)enpc.fr.

    My main research interests are mathematical quantum mechanics, functional analysis, inverse problems, numerical analysis and spectral theory.


[8] É. Cancès, L. Garrigue, D. Gontier. A simple derivation of moiré-scale continuous models for twisted bilayer graphene (arxiv:2206.05685), preprint (2022)

[7] L. Garrigue. Mixed state representability of entropy-density pairs (arxiv:2203.16441), preprint (2022)

[6] É. Cancès, L. Garrigue, D. Gontier. Second-order homogenization of periodic Schrödinger operators with highly oscillating potentials (arxiv:2112.12008), preprint (2021)


[5] L. Garrigue. Building Kohn-Sham potentials for ground and excited states (arxiv:2101.01127), Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis (2022)

[4] L. Garrigue. Some properties of the potential-to-ground state map in quantum mechanics (arxiv:2012.04054), Communications in Mathematical Physics (2021)

[3] L. Garrigue. Unique continuation for many-body Schrödinger operators and the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem. II. The Pauli Hamiltonian (arxiv:1901.03207), Documenta Mathematica (2020)

[2] L. Garrigue. Hohenberg-Kohn theorems for interactions, spin and temperature (arxiv:1906.03191), Journal of Statistical Physics (2019)

[1] L. Garrigue. Unique continuation for many-body Schrödinger operators and the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem. (arxiv:1804.07564), Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry (2018)


Sept 2020 - : postdoc at Cermics, École des ponts, in the team of Éric Cancès and in Inria's Matherials project.


• 2017 - 2020 : PhD in mathematical physics at the university Paris-Dauphine, with Mathieu Lewin

• 2016 - 2017 : Master's degree in fundamental mathematics, university Paris-Diderot

• 2014 - 2016 : Master's degree in theoretical physics, École normale supérieure

• 2012 - 2017 : Student and civil servant at the École normale supérieure in Paris


Here are condensed presentations of some of my works :

Building the Kohn-Sham potential, which I presented at Dijon in March 2021

New Hohenberg-Kohn theorems, which I presented at Singapore in September 2019

Unique continuation for the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem, which I presented at Banff in January 2019


On my github repository, you can find

• a code to compute the eigenmodes of the homogenized Schrödinger operator, corresponding to this article

• a code to propagate in time the exact many-body Schrödinger operator containing the two-body interaction between particles, in dimension one but for any number of particles

• a code to obtain the inverse potential of some one-body density, corresponding to this article


Here are some lecture notes given for an introduction to physics for ENS students in humanities.