Member or the "Corps des Ingénieurs des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts", a french high civil servants technical body.

Professionnal experience

2016 - present: Researcher,CERMICS (ENPC - Université Paris-Est).

2016: Postdoc, RWTH-Aachen Operations Research Chair.

In the team of Marco Lübbecke. Worked on supervised learning approaches to automatic Dantzig Wolfe decomposition.

2013 - 2016: PhD, CERMICS (ENPC - Université Paris-Est).

Under the supervision of Frédéric Meunier. Partnership with Air France Operations Research Department.

  • Algorithms for constrained and stochastic path problems.
  • Algorithms for the integrated Aircraft Routing and Crew Pairing Problem at Air France.
  • Model for stochastic minimization of delay in an Airline Company.

2013: Research internship, CERMICS.

  • Complexity of Aircraft Routing Problem.

2012: Research internship, PATH (University of California Berkeley).

Under the supervision of Alexandre Bayen

  • Traffic flow Management in a corridor.
  • Departure time modeling - Incentive schemes.

July 2012 - August 2012: Merger and Acquisition Analyst, BHCA.

  • Projects in Energy and Land Use Management.


2013-2016: PhD, CERMICS (ENPC - Université Paris-Est).

2012 - 2013: Master degree, MPRO (Paris Master of Operations Research)

2011 - 2012: Master degree of the Ecole Polytechnique.

Specialization in Mechanics, and Economics

2009 - 2011: Engineer degree of the Ecole Polytechnique.

Advanced courses in Physics (Statistical Physics, Relativity theory, Quantum Mechanics), Economics (Micro and Macro), Mechanics, Mathematics (PDE, ODE), Applied Mathematics (Probability theory, Numeric Analysis, Statisitics), and Computer Science.

2007 - 2009: French Preparatory classes, Lycée Sainte Geneviève.

Intensive training in Mathematics and Physics to prepare for the french nation-wide competitive exam for the entrance in the "grandes écoles".


Young researcher award, ROADEF 2016, first prize.


Since 2016: teacher in probability graduate courses at ENPC

Stochastic processes

2015: teacher in optimization undergraduate courses at ENPC

2013-2016: teacher in statistics graduate courses at ENPC

Numerical statistics and data analysis at the Ecole national des Ponts et Chaussées

Oral examiner in mathematics at Lycée Sainte Geneviève.

In the first year preparatory classes.

Other experiences

Sept. 2009 - April 2010: Trainee in a charity, L'enfant @ l'hôpital

Creating and conducting tutorials for hospitalized children.

Summer 2009: Humanitarian trip in Tamil Nadu (India)

During 5 weeks with 40 french students, 40 000 euros raised in France, 32 houses built.