1.5.4 Customizing your Scilab - Unix only

The parameters of the different windows opened by Scilab can be easily changed. The way for doing that is to edit the files contained in the directory X11-defaults. The first possibility is to directly customize these files. Another way is to copy the right lines with the modifications in the .Xdefaults file of the home directory. These modifications are activated by starting again Xwindow or with the command xrdb .Xdefaults. Scilab will read the .Xdefaults file: the lines of this file will cancel and replace the corresponding lines of X11-defaults.

A simple example :

Xscilab*vpane.height: 500
Xscilab*vpane.width:  500

in .Xdefaults will change the 500x650 window to a square window of 500x500 and the scrollbar background color changes from green to red.

An important parameter for customizing Scilab is stacksize discussed in 1.3.