MIFIMA 2007-2009

Mathematics, Informatics and Fisheries Management

Action supported by the regional cooperation program STIC-AmSud

photoThe flesh and blood of the MIFIMA project is a
multidisciplinary international team
of academic and professionals

3 countries : Chile photo Peru photo France photo
3 disciplines : 
biology, economy, mathematics
3 years : 2007-2009

Together, we have developed interdisciplinary decision models tackling with sustainability issues in fisheries management :  
resource preservation, production, uncertainties, long-term.

Our case studies are Chilean and Peruvian fisheries :
anchovy, hake, jack-mackerel, bacalao.

We have given some 50 conferences, delivered 8 courses, have organized 3 workshops and 3 special sessions in international congresses.

MIFIMA is offered an invited session Modelos bioeconomicos en pesquería: Grupo MIFIMA  
at the XXIX Congreso de Ciencias del Mar, Hualpén - Talcahuano, Chile, 25-28 May 2009.

MIFIMA is pleased to count among its members Elsa GALARZA
named in 2009
Vice-Minister for the Fisheries at the Ministry of Production in Peru.

Conference slides of the last MIFIMA workshop (Cali, november 2009)


MIFIMA in detail