CELIA3D  1.0
Fluid-structure interaction using cut-cells
CELIA3D Documentation


Simulation code for 3D fluid-structure interaction (CELIA3D).
The numerical coupling method uses a Finite Volume cut-cell approach for fluid-structure interaction.
The solid is modeled with a Discrete Element Method type formulation (Mka3d).
The fluid is handled with a Finite Volume method. The numerical flux scheme is scheme OSMP.

The code is available on github

Description of the project

Using the software:

Parameters to be filled in before launching a simulation:

Creation of file "maillage.dat":

The results are written in directory resultats. Some files are updated at each time-step: files energie.dat and temps_reprise.dat give respectively the evolution of energy and the simulation time. Files fluide*.vtk and solide*.vtk are written a limited number of times in the span of the simulation. fluide*.vtk and solide*.vtk give respectively the state of the fluid and the position of the solid. They can be read using Paraview. File temps.dat gives the cpu cost at the end of the simulation.
It is possible to restart interrupted simulations from recovery files fluide*.vtk and solide*.vtk. It suffices to change recovery flag bool rep = false to bool rep=true in file parametres.h and indicate the recovery point with int numrep.

Procedures dealing with the fluid are in files fluide.hpp and fluide.cpp. Procedures dealing with the solid are in fildes solide.hpp and solide.cpp. Coupling procedures are gathered in files couplage.cpp, intersections.hpp and intersections.cpp. FIles parametres.hpp and parametres.cpp are dedicated to definitions of problem parameters.
Maria Adela Puscas and Laurent Monasse