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I am researcher and professor at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, and the head of the applied mathematics department  CERMICS.

CERMICS is delighted to announce the opening of the Cauchy postdoctoral fellowship. Please visit the dedicated webpage for more information.

I am a member of the Molecular and Multiscale Modelling group at CERMICS and of the Matherials project-team at INRIA.

Here is my cv (pdf).

I spent the 2019-2020 academic year in the mathematics department of Imperial College of London, in the Abraham de Moivre International Researche Laboratory.

I defended my habilitation thesis on 3rd June 2009 (abstract, manuscript). Title: Mathematical and numerical analysis of some models for materials, from the microscopic scale to the macroscopic scale.

During year 2004-2005, I had a post-doc position at the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques at the University of Montreal, in the context of a special year about the Mathematics of Stochastic and Multiscale Modeling.

I defended my PhD thesis on 21st June 2004 (abstractmanuscript). Title: Multiscale models for viscoelastic fluids. PhD supervisors: Benjamin Jourdain and Claude Le Bris.

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Mathematical methods for the magnetohydrodynamics of
            liquid metalsFree Energy Computations:
            A mathematical perspective

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